Laboratories, White Rooms

We have a wide range of LED luminaires for laboratories and cleanrooms, with innovative and compact formats, top or bottom registration with great variety of powers, with optics of high performance and high precision, as required by each project.

This new line for clean rooms offers the advantage of considerably reducing the installation surface between 68% and 78% compared to the solutions that currently exist in the market, improving the quality of working lighting, as they allow to increase the power Per cm2 without risk of product deterioration.

The innovative design and quality of the materials used in this new line of Bautzent products and solutions with aluminum, stainless steel or other materials and their electronic components offer:


  • Reduction in the number of units needed to achieve the same level of lighting quality (increase power per installed unit).
  • Reduction of maintenance costs since they require a smaller number of installed units and therefore less units to maintain, in addition, being of smaller dimensions and manageable, drastically minimizes the replenishments and the number of people necessary for their manipulation.
  • They reduce the fatigue of the ceilings and they can withstand higher loads.
  • Minimizes occupational hazards, since they are luminaries of smaller dimensions and of smaller weight and incorporate elements of signage of security.
  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • They allow installation on ceilings with little space available.