Horticulture & Floriculture

BAUTZENT expands its range with specific LED products for horticulture and floriculture developed and manufactured to achieve maximum yield in the growth of plants and flowers.

Combining different reflection angles and different wavelengths between 450nm and 730nm, our luminaires can emphasize manually or fully automatic the various lighting cycles and adapt them to each plant variety.

Due to the large concentration of LEDs in each of our luminaires, a high profitability of the crop space can be achieved, with the possibility of practically allocating all of it to the plantation.

In the development of this range, we put a special emphasis on the materials used in its manufacture taking into account the working environment where they will be installed, which only uses stainless and ceramic components as well as a high degree of tightness (IP66 / 67) that guarantee a great longevity and efficiency of the luminaires.


  • Manual or automatic management of SPD (Spectrum Power Distribution) index specific for each type of crop.
  • Manual or automatic control of photo-periodic and photo-morphological lighting cycles.
  • Increase in production.
  • Compatible with algae production.
  • Pesticide and insect repellent function.
  • High energy efficiency > 3.08 μmol / J.
  • Low / no influence on temperature and humidity conditions.
  • They favor the various receptors of plants: Phytochromes, Cryptochromes and Phototropines.
  • By being able to dispense with sunlight, the growing areas are expanded.